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Source String Translations  
Key: guildbank
Guild bank
Key: guildbank_short_desc
Manage items and transactions of guild bankers
Key: guildbank_long_desc
Guild bank is a Plugin to manage raiditems.
Key: guildbank_not_installed
Guild bank is not installed.
Key: gb_a_perm_auctions
Manage auctions
Key: gb_u_perm_auction
Bid on auctions
Key: gb_perm_shop
Buy items
Key: gb_mainmenu_guildbank
Guild bank
Key: gb_adminmenu_guildbank
Guild bank
Key: gb_banker
Key: gb_shop
Key: gb_not_avail
Key: gb_all_bankers
All banker
Key: gb_total_bankers
Asset of all bankers
Key: gb_bankchar_name
Bank character
Key: gb_no_bankchar
Key: gb_update
Last activity
Key: gb_tab_transactions
Key: gb_tab_items
Key: gb_tab_auctions
Key: gb_title_page
View guildbank
Key: gb_shop_window
Buy item
Key: gb_shop_icon_title
Buy item
Key: gb_shop_buy
Key: gb_item_name
Key: gb_item_value
Purchasing price (DKP)
Key: gb_item_value_money
Purchasing price (Money)
Key: gb_itemcost
Key: gb_item_date
Purchasing date
Key: gb_dkppool
Key: gb_default_note
No note available
Key: gb_shop_error_nodkp
There are not enough DKP to buy this item.
Key: gb_shop_error_noitem
There is no item available to purchase.
Key: gb_shop_error_noselection
You have not selected any amount of items to buy.
Key: gb_shop_buy_subject
Item received
Key: gb_auction_won_subject
Item won in auction
Key: gb_shop_buy_successmsg
The item was flagged for shopping. The transaction will be made ​​after the confirmation by an admin and credited to your account
Key: gb_confirm_shop_ta_head
Guild bank item purchases
Key: gb_confirm_shop_ta_button
Confirm purchase
Key: gb_decline_shop_ta_button
Decline purchase
Key: gb_confirm_msg_success
The transaction was successfully completed
Key: gb_confirm_msg_delete
The transaction was successfully declined
Key: gb_notify_shopta_header
Share purchases item
Key: gb_notify_shopta_confirm_req1
A purchase is waiting for release
Key: gb_notify_shopta_confirm_req2
%s purchases are waiting for release
Key: gb_confirm_auction_ta_head
Gildenbank auctions
Key: gb_confirm_auction_ta_button
Approve auctions
Key: gb_decline_auction_ta_button
Decline auctions
Key: gb_notify_auctionta_header
Manage successfull auctions
Key: gb_notify_auctionta_confirm1
One auction item transfer waiting for approval
Key: gb_notify_auctionta_confirm2
%s auction items transfer waiting for approval
Key: gb_no_item_id_missing
The item-ID is missing. Please try again
Key: gb_manage_auctions
Manage auctions
Key: gb_auction_management
Auction management
Key: gb_auction_head_add
Add auction
Key: gb_auction_head_edit
Edit auction
Key: gb_footer_auction
... %1$d auction(s) found / %2$d per page
Key: gb_footer_transaction
... %1$d transaction(s) found / %2$d per page
Key: gb_footer_item
... %1$d item(s) found / %2$d per page
Key: gb_add_auction
Create auction
Key: gb_delete_auctions
Delete selected Items
Key: gb_add_auction_title
Add auction
Key: gb_edit_auction_title
Edit auction
Key: gb_auction_item
Key: gb_auction_item_help
One or more items to auction off. For multiple choice multiple auctions are created
Key: gb_auction_startdate
Start time
Key: gb_auction_winner
Key: gb_auction_price
Highest bid
Key: gb_auction_duration
auction duration
Key: gb_auction_amountbids
amount of bids
Key: gb_auction_duration_help
The auction duration in hours
Key: gb_auction_startvalue
Starting bid value
Key: gb_auction_bidsteps
Bid increment
Key: gb_auction_bidsteps_help
Bidders can bid on these increments to the object
Key: gb_auction_raidatt
Raid participate to bid
Key: gb_auction_raidatt_help
Number of Raid participate in which the relevant objects have fallen. At 0 anyone can offer on the item.
Key: gb_confirm_delete_auctions
You are sure, do delete this auction(s) %s ?
Key: gb_auction_multidkppool
Multidkp Pool
Key: gb_auction_multidkppool_help
Enter a MultiDKP pool from which the points are to be used for bids.
Key: gb_auction_icon_title
Key: gb_auction_window
Key: gb_auction_title
Auction & bidding
Key: gb_button_bid
Key: gb_error_noidnotloggedin
ATTENTION: To use the auctions you have either logged in, also use as a valid auctionID. Lets try again.
Key: gb_auction_avail_dkp
Available credits
Key: gb_auction_timeleft
Remaining auctiontime
Key: gb_auction_bid_info
Place a bid
Key: gb_bids_footcount
... %1$d Bid(s) / %2$d per page
Key: gb_bids_loading
Key: gb_bids_auctionended
Key: gb_bids_nobids
No bids
Key: gb_manage_bankers
Manage guild bankers
Key: gb_confirm_delete_bankers
Should the bankers are deleted?
Key: gb_banker_mainchar
Key: gb_money
Key: gb_manage_bank_items_title
Edit item of bankers '%s'
Key: gb_manage_bank_items
Edit bankitems
Key: gb_mode
Key: gb_a_mode___0
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