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Source String Translations  
Key: donations
Key: donations_short_desc
Manage donations for your guild
Key: donations_long_desc
A donation management for your guild, which accepts payments via PayPal
Key: donations_plugin_not_installed
The Donations plugin is not installed.
Key: donations_donate
Key: donations_donationslist
View Donationslist
Key: donations_fs_general
Key: donations_f_min_value
Minimum value for donations
Key: donations_f_free_or_custom
Selectable values
Key: donations_f_custom_values
Predefined values
Key: donations_f_custom_free
The user can freely choose the value
Key: donations_f_custom_custom
Possible donation values
Key: donations_f_help_custom_values
Insert the possible values for donations, separated by semicolons
Key: donations_fs_goal
Donation Goal
Key: donations_f_goal_type
Select the type of donation goal
Key: donations_f_goal_no
No goal
Key: donations_f_goal_monthly
Monthly amount
Key: donations_f_goal_fixedsum
Total amount
Key: donations_f_goal_value
Donation goal
Key: donations_f_goal_display_type
Presentation of the donation status
Key: donations_f_goal_display_type_progess
Progress bar
Key: donations_f_goal_display_type_covered
Covered months
Key: donations_fs_paypal
Key: donations_f_paypal_email
Recipients address
Key: donations_f_help_paypal_email
Insert your PayPal Email-address. Also, you can enter your PayPal.me address, e.g. paypal.me/EQdkpPlus. Donations using PayPal.me must be activated manually.
Key: donations_f_paypal_currency
Key: donations_fs_texts
Information texts
Key: donations_f_donation
Description on the donation page
Key: donations_f_thankyou
Acknowledgment notice after a successfull donation
Key: donations_f_cancel
Notice when a donation is interrupted
Key: donations_f_goal_start
Start of the donation campaign
Key: donations_f_help_goal_start
Will be used to calculate the covered months
Key: donations_menu
Key: donation_success_message
Thank you very much for your donation! It will be visible here as soon as it is verified.
Key: donation_cancel_message
Too bad that you canceled your donation.
Key: donations_donate_button
Donate now
Key: plugin_statistics_donations
Key: donations_covered_months_text
%d covered months
Key: donations_month
Key: donations_months
Key: donations_amount
Key: donations_via_paypal
Donations via PayPal
Key: donations_recent_goal
Recent donation goal
Key: donations_public
Public donation
Key: donations_wallofdonators
Recent donations
Key: donations_hide_name
Hide name
Key: donations_manage
Manage donations
Key: donations_add
Add donation/payoff
Key: donations_confirm_delete_donation
Are you sure, that you want to delete this donations %s?
Key: donation_incomplete_suc
This donation was successfully disabled.
Key: donation_complete_suc
This donation was successfully enabled.
Key: donation_complete_selected
Enable selected
Key: donation_provider
Payment method
Key: donations_method_manual
Key: donations_ntfy_new_donation
{PRIMARY} has donated '{ADDITIONAL}'
Key: donations_ntfy_new_donation_grouped
There are {COUNT} new donations
Key: user_sett_f_ntfy_donations_new_donation
New donation
Key: user_sett_f_ntfy_donations
Key: donations_donations
Key: donations_f_show_button
Show donation button
Key: donations_f_show_progress
Show donation progress
Key: donations_f_text
Donation text
Key: donations_months_short
Key: donations_f_show_count
Count of latest donations
Key: donations_f_text_latest
Descriptiontext (optional)
Key: latestdonations
Latest donations
Key: user_sett_fs_notifications_donations
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