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Insert your translation into the textareas. Simply submit your translation by pressing Enter. If a mistake happened, click on the green plus and enter another translation and vote up your new translation. The translations will be confirmed before we release it. If you want to become a language validator, please open a Bugtracker Ticket.
Please note: formatting elements of the source string like %1,%s, {DKP_NAME } or <b> must be absolutely taken over in your translation! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us in our board.

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Source String Translations  
Key: module_lang___startdate
Start date
Key: module_lang___startvalue
Start value
Key: module_lang___name
Key: module_lang___duration
Key: module_lang___bidsteps
Bid steps
Key: module_lang___note
Key: module_lang___atime_left
Time left
Key: module_lang___atime_left_html
Time left
Key: module_lang___highest_bidder
Highest bidder
Key: module_lang___highest_value
highest bidding
Key: preset_lang___gb_astartdate
Key: preset_lang___gb_astartvalue
Start value
Key: preset_lang___gb_aname
Key: preset_lang___gb_aduration
Key: preset_lang___gb_abidsteps
Bid steps
Key: preset_lang___gb_anote
Key: preset_lang___gb_aactive
Key: preset_lang___gb_aedit
Key: preset_lang___gb_aalink
Auction button
Key: preset_lang___atime_left
Verbleibende Zeit
... found 20 language-strings
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