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Source String Translations  
Key: nextevents
Next events
Key: nextevents_name
Calendar Entries
Key: nextevents_desc
Shows future raids or events in the portal
Key: nr_nextevents_signon
Signed on
Key: nr_nextevents_confirmed
Key: nr_nextevents_signoff
Signed off
Key: nr_nextevents_missing
Key: nr_nextevents_notsigned
Not signed in!
Key: nr_nextevents_noevents
No events available
Key: nextevents_f_limit
Display limit of next events
Key: nextevents_f_hideclosed
Hide closed raids
Key: nextevents_f_calendars
Show only events of selected calendars
Key: nextevents_f_types
Select Event-Type
Key: nextevents_f_showweekday
Show the weekday in front of the date
Key: nextevents_f_showendtime
Show the end time additional to the start time
Key: nextevents_f_useflags
Use coloured flags instead of names for the raid stati
Key: nextevents_f_showcalendarcolor
Show the calendar as a coloured dot in front of the date
Key: nextevents_f_raidcountdown
Show countdown for raids
Key: nextevents_f_help_raidcountdown
Shows a Countdown instead of the date if there are less than 24 hours until the raid
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